Clear & White

The Power of Choice: Clear or Opaque with Clear and White Labels

Clear and white labels offer a unique labeling solution with two distinct options: transparent and opaque.

  • Transparent Labels: Create a “no-label” look, making it appear as if the design is printed directly on the container. This minimalist approach showcases your product while maintaining essential branding information.
  • Opaque Labels: Achieve a classic, white background by printing white ink first. This allows vibrant colors to pop and creates a clean canvas for your design.

Perfect for Moisture-Prone Products:

Both transparent and opaque clear and white labels are moisture-resistant, making them ideal for products exposed to water, condensation, or humid environments. This includes:

  • Food and Beverages
  • Bath and Beauty Products
  • Household Cleaners

Versatility for Every Brand:

Clear and white labels offer unmatched design flexibility. You can choose a subtle, transparent look or a bold, white background. This caters to a wide range of products and branding strategies.

In essence, clear and white labels provide a dynamic solution for businesses seeking a clean, moisture-resistant label with design versatility.